Monday, November 7, 2011

Simon's Picture Perfect Day

Portrait Makers Donna and Landy Davis ( were here all morning. Their mission: to take individual and group photographs of all my young friends at the Frankie Lemmon School for the school yearbook. I think the story is best told through one child, rather than all. So I picked Simon.
...Maybe because he was typical. Maybe because he looked so good in his tie!

Simon (right) and Cory begin their day by coloring pictures of their own.
But Simon soon takes his turn on the portrait table.
1. Ok, let's see the REAL Simon!  2. The funny me?  3. How about the serious me?
4. Hi, Mr. Pat!  5. Puppy says concentrate.  6. Ready for my close-up Ms Davis!

Then it's back to the classroom for a group shot. Cheeeeeeeese!
Another day. Another yearbook. Yaaaay!