Thursday, April 25, 2013

Transportation: It's All About Going Places

Now that we've got wheels, it's on the road again.
At least as far as Ms. Paula's roadhouse.
There's music and dancing to be had!

Then it's on to the Forbis & White Cafe:

Today's Menu:

Dustin Delicious Pizza
Matthew Massive Muffins
Aidan Apple Juice
Franklin Fantastic Fruit
Audwin Apple Pie
Nadia Nutty Cookies
Grace Gourmet Mix
Landon Lemon Cake

A big "THANKS" to volunteer Haley Bateman for the new sign and for today's celebrity menu!

Letterland Party
But wait! It's not over. On Friday, many of us came back for dessert. To celebrate a "Fabulous" year, Ms. J held a special Letterland Party in her Fabulous 5's classroom. Teachers and staff joined the five-year-olds and their parents on this, the last family school partnership day of the school year. Lots of dress-up fun and gifts. Lots of pizza and cake.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Transportation/Community Helpers

In music, a glissando is a glide from one pitch to another.

...or is it?

In our class, it's a race—faster than a shooting star.

Ready, set, zoooooooom!

Some community helpers help us feel better when we're sick, like a doctor or a nurse. Today, one of our friends, School Nurse Amy Daughtrey, came to talk to us about being a nurse.

For Munchkins only:
The award-winning Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder allows munchkins like Landon to enjoy food without the choking risk. All you have to do is put a piece of fruit, vegetables or meat into the mesh bag and snap it shut. Then munchkins can chew, suck and enjoy all the whole food goodness and taste, with only the tiniest, digestible pieces coming through. He or she gets great flavor and you get peace of mind.