Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking for Candy Canes

Our candy canes are missing,
We don't know where they are.
We were only counting Christmas,
They surely can't be far!

So we're going on a candy cane hunt.
We're leaving right away,
If it doesn't rain,
We'll stay all day.

We don’t get excited
Over expensive things
We jump for joy
With the progress work brings.

Frankie Lemmon children
Try hard every day
To make us very proud
More than words can say.

They work even harder
Than you or I
To achieve something small
To reach a star in the sky.

Others don’t realize
Just how parents can cope;
How they bravely hang on
At the end of their rope.

But what they don’t see
Is the joy parents can’t hide
When their own special children
Make the tiniest stride.

And the joy it brings to teachers
while rewriting destiny
that children in their care
Achieve their own identity.

So we're going on a candy cane hunt.
We're leaving right away,
If it doesn't rain,
We'll stay all day.

Got Santa Party Photos?

* Portions of poem adapted from Autism Night Before Christmas
by Cindy Waeltermann

Monday, December 17, 2012

Joys of Christmas

Joy comes when you wear the Jingle Bell belt. But you knew that!
Where would the Joy of Christmas be without Christmas music?

And where would the Joy of Christmas be without the Christmas parachute? (Thanks to Lisa Wald for these wonderful photos.)

Whatever the source of your joy, grab onto it and don’t let go.

* * * * * * * * * *
Merry Christmas everyone
— and pray for the people of Sandy Hook.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


After we signed in this morning, we helped decorate our Christmas tree.

Then Ms. Forbis reminded us how much fun it was to build a reindeer. We even sang "The Reindeer Pokie."

I thought about all this when I went outside to play in the leaves. (Don't we all?) It got me thinking—can it be long before the reindeer come? And when they come, you know who will be with them.

Makes you wanna sing!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Not only do kids love the taste of gingerbread, they also know that…

Or build another gingerbread man online and watch him run away.
Here's another one.
You can build a gingerbread boy too.
Girls, you can also build this cute gingerbread man.

Run, Gingerbread Man, run!