Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eggs, Chicks, Bunnies and…the Easter Beagle?

This week we looked for eggs.

And we counted – and ate – at least ten chirpy chicks, along with their peanut-butter haystack nests and Jelly-Belly eggs.

We also counted bunnies – and hopped at the same.

But, at last, the big finish came – and this is really thinking out of the Easter basket – with a visit from Rosie the Easter beagle. Rosie and her friend Bo came to wish us a Happy Easter. Bo, the buck-toothed Beagle, was wearing a rabbit on his head! (Warning: don't try this at home!)

Bo is not just any beagle. It turns out that Bo is the cover dog for a new book called That Dog Won't Hunt by Valerie Blettner. Rescued by Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC from a local shelter, Bo was surrendered to the shelter by his owner, a hunter, because he wouldn't hunt. Bo's story is just one of ten heartwarming stories of dogs saved by rescue groups.

Our thanks to Jeanne Ressner from Canines for Therapy – her visit was very much appreciated!

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Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

Mister Pat!!! We love all of your posts! Thank you so much for sharing your time with our kids. It is so fun to see what they do during the day and they are lucky to have you to play with on Tuesdays!